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Start Here – Using the CFG ScholarBank

One thing we discovered when looking at scholarships available to Richmond-area students was that there was no “one” source of regional scholarships. So we decided to take a crack at it. And thus, the CFG ScholarBank was born. We are continually tracking down scholarships available to Central Virginia college-bound students and gathering them all into our searchable collection.
Ready to start searching for the perfect scholarship? Go to the CFG ScholarBank and type in a search term that applies to you. You can search by region, grade level , or any keyword that might narrow down your search.  Say, for example, that you are a female high school senior in Richmond that wants to major in accounting. You could type in any, or all, of the following keywords in the search box: female, accounting, Richmond, senior. The more keywords you use, the more you narrow down your search results. Don’t want to limit yourself that much? Type in one keyword and the list of scholarships will be that much longer.

At over 300 500 scholarships for $1,000,000+ $1,500,000 and counting, the CFG ScholarBank is a great resource for students looking for a little help in defraying college costs. Why pass up free money if you can get it? Plus, just think of the serious brownie points you’ll score with your parents.

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